O’Keeffe’s Fort, Reenascreena.


Through the Bluebells at O’Keeffe’s Fort


O’Keeffe’s Fort was a village behind a strong fence on top of a ditch. It was owned by Celts in 400BC. It might have been invaded by pirates.

Now the village is no more than just tree’s and the fosse (moat) is dry.

But O’Keeffe’s fort is still a nice place to visit. You can walk around the fort along the fosse.

It’s a great place to have a picnic.


But some people ask…How did Celts live in Ireland back then?

The Celts who arrived in Ireland back then during the Iron-age came from Europe.

In Winter nothing grows here, so the Romans called it Hibernia- The land of Winter.

In Spring O’Keeffe’s Fort is alive with Bluebells. Next come the foxgloves and in Autumn the blackberries. ………

By Wayne and John


Tree Climbing at O’Keeffe’s Fort





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