Gas Networks Ireland

Ciarán: On the journey to Cork I saw five rabbits. Jason and I saw a fox.

Seán: When we eventually got there, we went through revolving doors. As the sixth class went in they got stuck!

Ciarán: First we got something to eat and then Dom and Christiana explained to us about what they do at Gas Networks Ireland. Gas comes from Scotland and Europe to Ireland through big pipes underground. They design and build these pipes and monitor them for safety.

Seán:  After the talk, we split into two groups and we went to an open –plan office which was littered with laptops. Civil, mechanical and electrical engineers worked on computer made drawings.

Next we went to the Control tower where they showed us cool desks which go up and down so you can stand while you work. Ciarán sat at this station and thought he was the head-controller.

Ciarán: We all really enjoyed our tour. I want to be a on the design team and Sean wants to be a problem solver in the control room.

Gas Networks Ireland, Entance

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