The National Sculpture Factory

We went to The National Sculpture Factory on the 16/05/17. It was awesome!

When we were there, there was an artist called Alex Pentek he was working on his sculpture of ferns. It was made of stainless steel.

There was lots of other amazing artists. They all had their own rented work space. It’s easy to rent a space to do your own work.

  Sorcha thought:”It is unique, like no other place.”

  Ally thought:”It is very exciting!”

  I would highly recommend this place.

By Aobh



On the 16/05/17 we went to The National Sculpture Factory Cork. First we went in to the clay department the man showed us the kilns where the pottery is dried. Next we went into the main part we saw a big long house suspended overhead. The artist had done this to look like a train carriage because he liked trains. The Sculpture Factory was the old train station.

 And then we saw all the tools; band saw, angle grinder, Dewalt saw and a 5 tonne crane.

 Alex Pentex was making ferns out of stainless steel metal pipes. Alex cut them into ferns and they will be exhibited at a road junction in Australia.

By Ross.

Sculpture Factory, Cork




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